The Agorama is an artist collective, with an institutional partnership network that includes Furtherfield (London), North East of North (NEoN, Scotland), and a number of artists working in the field of art and technology. Our main organisers are Alejandro Ball, Inês Costa, Max Dovey and Anna Viani.

As part of our core mission we run three main threads of activities. The first, which falls under the label of Server Co-op is to establish a p2p distributed platform for artist experimentation and use this network infrastructure to develop a grass roots autonomous model for digital communication. The Second, Workshops and Lectures, focuses on digital literacy and providing the guides and tools for other practitioners to learn and expand their practice. We also run regular practice-led workshops and lectures from our space in Raven Row. Our final thread, Artistic Residencies and Exhibitions, focuses on bringing in creative practitioners to work with us and develop new interdisciplinary projects.

Past Agorama Projects and Commissions

Geltung{Validity}: perception of a natural right - An offline/online project curated by Alejandro Ball, and Inês Costa as part of agorama, a new collaborative Internet platform for art. Featuring Diogo da Cruz, Max Dovey, Felicity Hammond and Petra Szemán whose works mediate political narratives and philosophical questions accelerated by technology and digital culture. This exhibition was in collaboration with GENERATORproject and part of the NEoN Digital Festival 2017, with support from Creative Scotland.

The Bank for Argumentation - Artist Diogo da Cruz - WORDCOIN, proposes the implementation of a new currency, that will give a literal value to each one’s speech. With the realisation of The Bank for Argumentation, the customer/museum-goer will have the opportunity to trust his/her arguments to an institution that can store them and, allow for these arguments to be exchanged with other members of the bank. Project was supported by Creative Scotland.

I keep forgetting I’ve been to Tokyo: GAIDEN - Artist Petra Szemán - part of a distributed artwork, consisting of a three-channel animation video accompanied by a sound piece, and the above linked website. The context of the project follows a virtual self through parallel and intersecting realities, along the departure-initiation-return of the hero’s journey. Drawing upon personal and/or constructed experiences, the online portion explores the idea of a non-localised identity, an archive of accumulated personal mythologies acquired from a multitude of realities. Project was supported by Creative Scotland.