Agorama is a critical exploration of digital network culture through public events, residencies and collective research groups.

Server Co-op

We host regular p2p web meet-ups at our studio at Raven Row for anyone interested in the distributed internet. The aim is to facilitate a community interested in experimenting, developing and maintaining a distributed internet infrastructure.These happen on the third Thursday of every month at our space in Raven Row.

Workshop and Lectures

We run practice-led workshops and lectures aimed to support the knowledge and development of a p2p distributed internet. These range from basic html and markdown, self-hosting and distributing content using hypermedia protocals such as DAT or IPFS. All our resources for these sessions can be viewed, seeded and shared in Education

Artistic Residencies and Exhibitions

Agorama’s Research and Development arm where we invite artists and other creative to take up residency with us and experiment and enage with p2p web. Residency programme is run by our curator Inês Costa. Check here for the latest activities related to this thread and exhibition and event announcements.