• Shinji Toya,

    Full stack development support and consultation for Shinji Toya latest interactive art project "Paint Your Face Away". Project was commission by Fotomuseum Winterthur and exhibited as part the museum's SITUATIONS/Strike online exhibition. Project focused on converting Toya's original desktop application into a web application.

  • Swayze effect

    Swayze Effect presents the works produced as a result of Agorama’s 2019 Artistic Residencies Programme. The term ‘Swayze effect’ is used in virtual reality design to describe the struggle of affecting virtual or digital environments with embodied feedback and physical presence. Exhibiting artists - Hazel Brill, James Irwin and Tamara Kametani. Exhibition hosted by Platform Southwark.
  • The Server Co-op

    Agorama established and hosted a working research group into the distributed p2p (peer-to-peer) web at their studio at Raven Row between Sep. 2018 - Jun. 2019. The aim was to foster a community interested in experimenting, developing and maintaining a distributed Internet infrastructure.

  • Moses the Lonely Londoner

    Moses the Lonely Londoner is a project set on investigating the concept of intimate digital spaces linked together by an individual's mobile device. This project was exhibited in the Photographers' Gallery as part of the exhibition "For the Time Being", and was commissioned by the Royal College of Art in partnership with the Photographers' Gallery.

  • Geltung[Validity] perception of a natural right

    An offline/online project featuring Diogo da Cruz, Max Dovey, Felicity Hammond and Petra Szemán whose works mediate political narratives and philosophical questions accelerated by technology and digital culture. This exhibition was in collaboration with GENERATORproject and part of the NEoN Digital Festival 2017, with support from Creative Scotland.

  • Diogo da Cruz, WORDCOIN, The Bank For Argumentation

    WORDCOIN proposed the implementation of a new currency, which promised to give literal value to everyone's speech. The final element of Diogo's project was the realisation of a actual bank for the WORDCOIN currency called, The Bank for Argumentation. For this project Agorama build the whole platform from the ground up in collaboration with da Cruz. Commissioned as part of the NEoN Festival 2017.

  • Petra Szemán, I keep forgetting I’ve been to Tokyo:GAIDEN

    I keep forgetting I’ve been to Tokyo:GAIDEN is the online accompanying platform for Petra Szemán's three-channel animation video installation of the same title. Commissioned as part of the NEoN Festival 2017.

  • Post Internet Landscape (PILproject)

    Post-Internet Lanscapes (PILproject) is the first manifestation of Agorama and the product of a collaboration between Juan Crespo, Enrique Tutor and amaCollective. It consists of a website that takes the form of a virtual institution.

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