WORDCOIN proposes the implementation of a new currency, that will give a literal value to each one’s speech. By creating The Bank for Argumentation, the costumer-museumgoer will have the opportunity to trust his or her argument’s to an institution that can save and trade them, giving the deserved and objective exposure to their ideas.

Agorama, in collaboration with da Cruz, developed and build The Bank for Argumentation as the final element of the WORDCOIN project by Diogo da Cruz. The Bank for argumentation is a fully realised bank with trade-able WORDCOIN currency, which a user acquires from depositing written arguments through their account instance. Deposited arguments are subsequently reviewed by the bank’s administrator (Diogo da Cruz) for validation and eventual conversion into WORDCOINs.

The user is then encouraged to trade their newly converted currency with other users to obtain new arguments for their collection.

Commissioned as part of the NEoN Festival 2017.